All India Hindu Board (AIHB) founded on 30/10/2022, is a functional apolitical arm of HINDVI SWARAJ FOUNDATION – a Trust ( Regn No 1628 date 23/11/2022). Hindus are being killed, tortured, and terrorized on religious grounds, Hindu processions, and temples are attacked, and anybody raising a voice against such targeting, is victimized. The objective of AIHB is to unite all Hindus and all organizations engaged in Hindu empowerment, so that our voice is heard at the National level otherwise Ajmers’ slogan सर तन से जुदा will become an existential crisis for Hindus.
Sr Adv Hari Shankar Jain of all India fame has consented to lead the movement. Many renowned advocates of the Supreme Court, have joined him. Many advocates and active Hindus from States, are strengthening the Board. Our goal is Hindu Rashtra, the release of Hindu temples from government control, and providing free legal aid to victimized Hindus.